Parental Alienation Syndrome Ireland. Group in call to aid family harmony. A support group for parents and children alienated from each other has called for 100 mothers or fathers affected by the problem to come forward.

PAS Ireland carries out world leading research into the damage done by manipulative parents who abuse children by turning them against current or ex-partners.

“It is a psychological state that children suffer from when one parent is the target and manipulated,” and “Unless the syndrome is dealt with it becomes part of the child’s lifestyle it manifests in their own life and they tend to treat their own children the same way”.

“Children find it hard to trust, express themselves and stay in
relationships. They tend to live in two different worlds.”

Children end up psychologically damaged by one parent manipulating them
and turning them against the other parent. It is estimated children affected by the tactic on average miss out on 12 years of a relationship with a parent. A US study also claimed the syndrome is passed on from one generation to the next.
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