Fathers Rights Ireland

Fathers Rights Ireland, group is for those who believe in Equality for Fathers in Ireland.

Campaign for automatic Guardianship for unmarried Fathers.

Raise awareness of the plight of Irish Unmarried Fathers and the need for changes in Family law.

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Parental Alienation Syndrome Ireland.  A support group for parents and children alienated from each other for mothers or fathers affected by the problem.

PAS Ireland carries out world leading research into the damage done by manipulative parents who abuse children by turning them against current or ex-partners.

“It is a psychological state that children suffer from when one parent is the target and manipulated,” and “Unless the syndrome is dealt with it becomes part of the child’s lifestyle it manifests in their own life and they tend to treat their own children the same way”.

“Children find it hard to trust, express themselves and stay in 
relationships. They tend to live in two different worlds.”

Children end up psychologically damaged by one parent manipulating them
and turning them against the other parent.  It is estimated children affected by the tactic on average miss out on 12 years of a relationship with a parent.  A US study also claimed the syndrome is passed on from one generation to the next.
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Men’s Support Groups of Ireland
The Men’s Support Groups of Ireland (MSGI) is an Umbrella Organisation representing various groups from around Ireland. We are a lobbying organisation which desires to bring about parental equality and enhance and enforce the rights of the child as enshrined in various laws, both domestic and international. We are opposed to all forms of domestic violence, and as a men’s group, we may highlight the plight of male victims as all forms of media currently ignore male victims to a greater or lesser extent. It goes without saying that any violence against children, whosoever perpetrates it, is wholly unacceptable and should be immediately reported to the relevant authorities.
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Parental Equality
Parental Equality is celebrating nearly a generation of work in support of shared parenting issues. The generation  since 1992 has seen enormous changes in Ireland:

  • Divorce has been legalised
  • Some 40% of births are outside marriage
  • Family law activity has increased substantively to where it now accounts for 20% of all civil legal actions
  • A huge industry of professionals now earn their living from the fallout of family breakdown.

The “no Brainer solution”of Shared Parenting is still being resisted and deliberately avoided by the statutory services, educational and the judiciary while the politicians bluster and pussyfoot while failing to act decisively in promoting and supporting shared parenting and joint custody with legislation and practical supports Weekly meetings every Tuesday night inDundalk, from 7pm to 9.30pm.

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Parental Equality.EU
The Irish representative voice for Fathers in Europe and the Irish member of the Platform for European Fathers (PEF).
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Platform for European Fathers
The Platform for European Fathers (PEF) is an independent European and international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that represents national father, fatherhood and equal parenting organisations and federations.
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